Frequent questions

How to earn points in Vimo app?

1)When the user views video or uploads a video then they will get reward points.

2)Open the app every day to receive your daily reward.

3)Complete the Daily Task to get free points.

4)When the user registers in the application they will get reward points.

5)Share your reference code to others and get reward points for every user registered with your reference code.

Note:- When user will upload video and when admin approves user video, after that the user will get reward points.

What is the correct way to upload a video in Vimo app?

- Please check that uploading video file name is in English and there is no space in the video file name.

- Please follow the instruction of video file size, duration, and format.

How to claim reward points and earn money?

- The user needs to acquire minimum points to claim money from reward points.

- To claim money from reward points user have to fill the form and if there is any mistake in the form you submitted, then you have to fill Contact Us form and admin will contact user as soon as possible.

- When admin approves the user's claim for money after that the user will get money. (MAX 3 DAYS).


- When you share video status to any social media app, the length of the video will be depended on the app you are sharing.

- Any misbehavior or any type of sexual and unnecessary video upload will make admin block your account.

- Allow the read and write file permission then you will be able to use download, upload and share the video feature otherwise you will not able to use.

- Share video works only on supported social media applications.

- User can select payment method when filling form to claim money.

- User can upload video only in mp4 format.

- Spamming report video feature may lead to account ban.